Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

April 2011


Minutes of the

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting

April 6, 2011

The next meeting is on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

The  meeting was called to order at 7:421 P.M. by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Will Rose.

The minutes can be read on the club website, They are also emailed to members with email addresses on file on the last Wednesday of the month.

Jerry Davis will receive a certificate for his Find of the Month for March at the May meeting. The certificate was not available today because of personal scheduling difficulties.

General Notes:

29 Members and 2 regular guests present.

The President, Richard Hart talked about our Annual Benefit Hunt held on March 12th. The hunt was very successful with only one or two MINOR glitches that were taken care of immediately. Richard and Mitch King, Vice President thanked everyone for their hard work.

The Benefit Hunt made $800 for the club!

Mitch King was ask to update the club website with a picture of the new Secretary.

Richard Hart brought up for discussion that the club should stop giving away silver quarters for the Find of the Month (FOM), but instead should give away a new gold dollar. This is strictly due to the high cost of silver. A quarter cost $7.25 the day of the meeting. Add this to the cost of the room, silver dimes, and all the detectors and other items given away.

A lively discussion followed with one request and two motions following;

1.      A budget be made so members can see how much it cost to run the club. Richard will work on this.

2.      One motion was made, seconded and voted on: Should the club stop giving silver quarters for FOM and start giving new gold dollars for the FOM.

 a. Motion passed with 19 yea's and 4 nay's.

3.      The second motion was made, seconded and voted on: The club should stop giving metal detectors way at club hunts (Beach Hunt, Multi-Park Hunt, etc)

a. The motion failed with 3 yea's and 20 nay's

Ted Pankiewicz mentioned that he is the director of Park Place, a 500 home gated community that has a community center that could be used by the club. The club will keep this in mind for the future.

Mary McGee, the club Treasurer had some good and bad news for the club Christmas Party. Marsh Landings double booked December 10th, but offered everyone a free peach cobbler if we would except another date. The Christmas Party will now be on December 11th at 4:00 PM.

Richard Hart brought black lanyards to the meeting with Treasure Coast Archeological Society and the club emblem in white. I have been wearing mine at work since April 7th and it is more comfortable than my old one! Lanyards cost only $2.00.

Guest speakers are always welcome. If you have any ideas for a quest speaker, please let a board member know. Neil Normando will be a guest speaker at our May meeting.

Our scheduled quest speaker could not make it this month, so Mitch King spoke about his recent metal detecting trip to Colchester, England.



Mitch King's Metal Detecting Journey to England

Mitch spent about two and a half weeks in the Colchester region. After a long flight to London and then the journey to Colchester, the group would get up at 5:00 AM and then be in the field from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM with a break for lunch (and a spot of tea!). They would walk upto 10 miles a day!

The exchange rate for the British pound is $1.60. The price for this hunt was $1,600 a week. And then you add airfare.

The area is farm land and is also used for game hunting. Groups pay nearly $10,000 for eight guns for one day of hunting. There are more than a few shot gun shells in the ground!

On this land there are medieval castle walls and a church built in 1000 AD. There are farm fields and plenty of woods as well.

In England, if something is 50 years old or older, you need an export license to bring it home.  Non-coin items have to go to an inquest to determine exactly what the item is.

Items found during the stay by all hunters included:

Lots of shotgun shells, 40mm unexploded shell with the powder gone. 20 mm spent German cartridges from the fighters and bombers.

Hammered silver coin from 1200 AD, 120 coins dated prior to 1900, a silver Roman coin from 140 AD in near perfect condition and four gold coins.

One gold Roman coin from the 2nd century was  going to an auction with a starting bid at $10,000.




Because of the number of members present, the find table was not described.

Find Winners:

Ring: Ray Ayres                                 Group Coins: Mark Holshoe

Jewelry: Joni Hart                               Artifacts: Ray Reinholz

Single Coins: Bob Grubb                    Fossils: Marty Hufnagel

Miscellaneous: Mark Holshoe

Find of the Month: Ray Ayres


Drawing Winners:

50/50: Jacqueline Didier                     Badge: Jan King

T-Shirt: Jim Stewart                            Hat: Jim Stewart

Extra Winners:

            Garrett Book Sand and Surf: Terry Shannon, Mark Holshoe & Mike Martin

            Metal Water Bottles: Terry Shannon, Marty Hufnagel & Mike Martin        



Coffee will be brought by: Kira Thesenvitz

Doughnuts will be brought by: Marty Hufnagel

Cooler with drinks will be brought by the: Ryan Rathbun


The meeting adjourned at: 9:15 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,


Dale T. Thesenvitz

TCAS Secretary


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