Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

February  2005



The meeting was called to order by president, Richard Hart at 7:35 p.m.


The minutes were read.


There were 23 members present and 2 visitors.


Mitch King won a trophy for Master Hunter of the Year.


The Club was told that Bob Hayden recently had back surgery and had returned home today.  A Get Well card was passed around to be signed and sent to Bob.


It was announced that long time club member, Jeannie Mark had died last week.  Jim Stewart suggested buying some books about treasure hunting to be donated to the library in her memory.


We have shirts but no hats to sell at the hunt at Hobart Park .  A tally was taken to find out how many members would like to buy a club hat.  Eleven people are interested.  Jim Stewart will order them.


Mitch King said he had a flyer on the table that tells about the March hunt.  He plans to attend meetings of the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club and a club meeting at  West Palm.


Frank Hanson reported that Fat Boys Barbecue will be catering the meal at the March hunt.  They will furnish barbecued chicken, potato salad, and slaw.


A request was made for people to bring side dishes for the barbecue at the Club hunt.   A list was passed around to sign up..


Frank Hanson  said that volunteers are needed for three separate hunts.  Coin planters and counters will be needed. 


There will be another Executive Board meeting at Marty Hufnagel’s home on Tuesday, February 15th  at 7:00 p.m.


Mary McGee said if dues aren’t paid, they won’t get on the member phone list.


Mary said she submitted an ad to Florida Today in the Community Connections section. She told us to look for the ad.


Richard told those in attendance about the email, “New York State Archeologists Attack Exploring History’s Treasures TV Show”.


Jim Stewart asked who has been out metal detecting.  Mitch King told which beaches in Indian River County were open.  Richard told about his experience at the Sarno extention where the motor vehicle accident occurred.  He said that a policeman lost a ring in the canal where the accident occurred.  He said he volunteered to help find the ring but changed his mind quickly when he found out how cold that water was.  He said that if anyone is interested in finding the policeman’s ring, he will give them the information to contact the officer.


New Members:


Justin Mark Fassl

Krystal Bou 

Ted & Diane Hunt, son - Josh



50/50 Winner: Richard Hart, Jr.           $18.00


T-Shirt Winner:          Richard Hart – Justin Fassl


Name Badge Winner:  Will Rose


Finds of the Month


Rings:  Tom Kelley


Jewelry:  Richard Hart


Coin Single:  Tom Kelley


Coin Group:  Richard Hart


Artifacts: Tom Kelley


Miscellaneous:  Richard Hart


Marty Hufnagel will bring doughnuts for the March meeting.  Justin Fassl will bring drinks.


The club hunt will be April 23rd at Golden Sands or Treasure Shores .  Mitch King will find out which park is open.


The meeting adjourned after 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




D onna Rothery


Sectary, Treasure Coast Archaeological Society 



Created March 11, 2005 

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