Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

January 2005




The meeting was called to order by club president, Richard Hart at 7:30 p.m.


No Treasurerís Report or Minutes were read.


There were 24 members and 12 visitors present.


The annual club hunt will be 12 March 2005 at Hobart Park in Sebastian.


We need people to sign up to plant coins, take tickets, collect money, food chairperson, and clean up.


Letters need to be sent to dealers and merchants to ask for prize donations.  These should have been in the mail in November 2004.


Mitch discussed buying prizes.


Richard Hart said he would contact representatives of  Bounty Hunter, Garrett and White metal detector for prizes.


It was suggested that there should be plenty of signs directing people to the new hunt site since people are accustomed to going to the Grant Community Park .


Jim Stewart volunteered to be Club Historian.  He also makes badges for new members.


Bob Randall has looked into whether the club needs to re-incorporate.  He said that it is necessary in order to provide insurance for all club events.


The officers will meet at Marty Hufnagelís home on Thursday, 13 January 2005 to make plans for the Annual Hunt.





Marion Kerwin asked when and where the best times are to metal detect.  Jim Stewart responded with suggestions.


Mitch King said there was some very good treasure found immediately after the hurricanes.  Fifty pieces of small Spanish silver has been found since Christmas.  He said the hunting isnít good now because the beaches are covered with two to five feet of NEW sand.


There has been a problem with the Indian Shores police.  The Treasure Shores   area is open.  Jaycee Beach is open for hunting.  Humistead is closed.


Mitch also emphasized that all holes should be covered.


Someone asked how coins were thrown up on the beach.  Mitch explained that the coins

are washed from the dunes from large high waves.


Someone wanted to know where to buy accessories for their metal detector.  They were told that the detector dealers have them.  Frank Rothery, club member, sells them and accessories are advertised in treasure magazines.


Richard Hart said that he attended the club Christmas party which was held at Marsh Landing.  It was very nice and more people should attend.


Marty Hufnagel will bring doughnuts to the February meeting.


Justin Fassl will bring drinks.  The club owes Justin three raffle tickets.


Mary McGee asked where new badge holders could be purchased.  They can be purchased at any office supply store.  The current ones were purchased at Staples.


The 50/50 winner was Keith Hodell.  He won $20.00.


The T-shirt winner was Mary McGee.


The Name Badge winner was Joan Hart.


New Members: 

Marion Kerwin    

Bert and Carol Smith


50/50 Winner: Keith Hodell     for $20.00        of         $40.00


T-Shirt Winner:          Mary McGee


Name Badge Winner:  Joan Hart    


Finds of the Month


Rings:  Tom Kelley


Since Tom Kelley was the only person to bring in his treasure for display, he was also the winner of the Find of the Month.


Respectfully submitted,


D onna Rothery


Sectary, Treasure Coast Archaeological Society 










Created March 11, 2005 

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