Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

June 2011

Minutes of the  

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting 

June 1, 2011


The next meeting is on Wednesday, July 6, 2011. 

The meeting was called to order at 7:40 PM by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS. 

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Richard Hart, Jr. 

The minutes can be read on the club website, They are also emailed to members with email addresses on file on the last Wednesday of the month.


General Notes: 

20 Members present with no quests. 

Beach Hunt winners were announced. See the May Minutes for a list of winners.. 

The club has new t-shirts and lanyards for sale. 

Along with our library room rental, it is suggested by the “friends of the library” that we order a magazine subscriptions. The subscription is generally suggested to the club by the “friends of the library”. 

A motion was made to order a subscription to a Treasure type magazine, one which goes for what our club does. This motion was discussed along with the specific magazine to order. Then the motion was seconded and voted on. Motion passed 19 to 1 in favor of ordering Western & Eastern Treasures magazine when our current subscription is due for renewal.  

A suggestion was made for TCAS to have a competition hunt with another club. This was attempted earlier this year (for our Beach Hunt) and it was determined to be too difficult to coordinate between three different clubs. A discussion was continued and it was determined to look into this possibility with just one other club, which should make the coordination issues simpler. 

Will Rose’s mother-in-law passed away and a request for donation was made. The club will send a card and flowers for the sad occasion.

Neil Normando spoke to the club of how one can learn about history from items found with our metal detectors as he spoke about the GAR Souvenir Medal. 
GAR is Grand Army of the Republic, a Fraternal Organization of Union Army Veterans. It was founded on April 6, 1866 on the principles of "Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty," and was the first Army advocate group in America.
The GAR grew to a “de-facto” political arm of the Republican and was organized into departments at state and Posts at the local levels. This organization was later used to form the American Legion (WWI) and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (WWII).In 1867 John A. Logan (commander-in-chief) established May 30 as Decoration Day to commemorate the dead of the Civil War. Later this became Memorial Day. Political power grew in the late 19 century and helped elect Presidents Grant and McKinley.Five members of GAR were elected President of the United States. GAR’s largest enrollment was in 1890 at 490,000 members. They held encampments every year from 1866 to 1949 where they covered official business, elected new officers and many social events.GAR monuments (obelisks) can be found in many cities with the names of the local individuals who served or were killed in the Civil War.Albert Woolson was the last member of GAR when he died in 1956.

After Neil’s short presentation, a good discussion (with stories) about where to find treasure in/around old houses was held.

Find Winners:


Ring:      Mark Holshoe                                 Group Coins: Joni Hart 

Jewelry:  Mike Kurczy ??                            Artifacts: Jerry Davis 

Single Coins: Mike Kurczy ??                          Fossils: Marty Hufnagel 

Miscellaneous: Joni Hart                         Find of the Month: Jerry Davis 

Drawing Winners:


50/50: $22.00 Mary McGee                          Badge: Marty Hufnagel 

T-Shirt: Skip Watson                                       Hat: Richard Hart




Doughnuts will be brought by: Marty Hufnagel 

Coffee will be brought by: Kira Thesenvitz 

Cooler with drinks will be brought by: Mary McGee (She will need help lifting the cooler). 

The meeting adjourned at: 9:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Dale T. Thesenvitz

TCAS Secretary



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