Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

March 2011


Minutes of the

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting

March 2, 2011

The next meeting is on Wednesday, April; 6, 2011.

The  meeting was called to order at 7:55 P.M. by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Richard Hart, II.

The minutes can be read on the club website, They are also emailed to members with email addresses on file on the last Wednesday of the month.

General Notes:

33 members and 8 guests present. One of the guests, Ken Jack, joined TCAS.

We actually had the meeting started twice. Richard Hart was running late, so Mitch King, the Vice President, started the meeting informally at 7:43 P.M. and talked about the Annual Benefit Hunt on March 12th.

In preparation for the Annual Benefit Hunt we had a Clean the Park Hunt on March 5th. The weather was nice, there was lots of food on the table and about 15 club members eager to hunt.

Club dues are due. A drawing was held from all members who renewed their membership for a free years membership. Michael Kurczy was the winner. Congratulations Michael.

Does anyone have any ideas for guest speakers? Suggestions or topics for speeches? Please let the President or Vice President now.

One of our guests, Jerry Borsak, brought a nice little statue of a female with horns on her head. He found it at Ft Pierce Inlet about 8" deep. He said it gave a sweet sound on his detector. He thinks it could possibly be a fertility statue.


Mark Holshoe was asked to explain the "finds" table.


Find Winners:

Ring:   Mark Holshoe                                                 Group Coins: Mark Holshoe

Jewelry: Jerry Davis                                                    Artifacts:  Mark Holshoe

Single Coins: Jerry Davis                                            Fossils: None

Miscellaneous: Jerry Davis

Find of the Month: Jerry Davis 


Drawing Winners:

50/50:  Mark Holshoe                                                 Badge: Daniel Hart

T-Shirt: Joni Hart                                                        Hat: Skip Watson

Extra Dime Winners: Terry Shannon and Marty Hufnagel

The Vice President gave a few extra items away: Will Rose won a new headset, Russ Pacowski won a carry bag and Larry King won a pouch.



Coffee will be brought by: Kira Thesenvitz. Her dad thanks her for volunteering.

Doughnuts will be brought by: Marty Hufnagle

Cooler with drinks will be brought by the 50/50 winner: Mark Holshoe


The meeting adjourned at: 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,


Dale T. Thesenvitz

TCAS Secretary





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