Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

March  2012

Minutes of the


Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting


March 7, 2012


The next meeting is on Wednesday,  April 4, 2012.  

The  meeting was called to order at 7:32 P.M. by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS.  

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Richard Hart, II.  

The minutes can be read on the club website, They are also emailed to members

with email addresses on file on the last Wednesday of the month.


General Notes:  

39 Members present and 2 guest present and one new member, Chuck Gomez.  

Mary McGee, TCAS Treasurer reported that she had 41 individuals signed up for the Annual Benefit Hunt.  

Richard Hart Sr., President of TCAS pulled a name from all members who had paid their annual dues for 2012. The winner of this drawing had their club dues reimbursed. The lucky winner is….Larry and Jan King! Congratulations on winning.  

Joni Hart was presented a silver dollar for having won Find of the Year for 2011. Find of the Year is voted on from all Finds of the Month. Joni won with a platinum ring she found while her companions were putting out a fire. The fire was in a bucket that was next to a building. Congratulations Joni.  

Mitch King, TCAS Vice-President talked briefly about the clubs Clean up of the Park Hunt on March 3rd. We had a good turn out and it looked like everyone had fun.  

Daniel Hart won for the most trash and Frank Rothery won for most tokens.  

Mitch King Then talked about our Annual Benefit Hunt scheduled for March 10th. A Garrett AT Pro will be given away for the most tokens found and an ACE 250 for The Pin Point contest. After lunch there will be a silver hunt with tokens for Reales and keys for the Treasure Chest.  

Food for the Annual Hunt will be 1/4 chicken, beans and cole slaw plus whatever other people bring.  TCAS is buying a sheet cake to celebrate our 25th Annual Benefit Hunt.  

Richard Hart and Mitch King also talked about a Bill that was in the State that would give State Archeologist the power to stop metal detecting on any state land or land leased by the state. Mitch King and Mark Holshoe were both on the local news talking about this Bill. Fortunately the Bill was defeated. Keep your eyes open next year though…………..

 Guest speakers are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker, please talk to a board member. The more information you can give us, names, phone numbers, etc the better.  

Richard Hart, President of TCAS stressed to us to listen to the old timers. Richard listen to one older gentleman and found an old pocket watch case!  

Richard Hart also went to Frank Rothery's back yard (yes he was invited) and found a silver dime and two wheat penny's.


Mark Holshoe explained the "finds" table.


Find Winners:


Ring:   Jim Larson                               Group Coins: Skip Watson  

Jewelry: Mike Kurczy                         Artifacts: Skip Watson  

Single Coins: Mike Kurczy                 Fossils: Marty Hufnagel  

Miscellaneous: Marty Hufnagel  

Find of the Month: Jim Larson


Drawing Winners:


50/50:  $48/24 Larry King                                          Badge: Ryan Rathbun  

T-Shirt: Jim Larson                                                     Hat: Terry Shannon  

Extra Dime Winners: Bob Grubb and Joni Hart




Coffee will be brought by: Kira Thesenvitz  

Doughnuts will be brought by: Marty Hufnagel  

Cooler with drinks will be brought by the 50/50 winner: Larry King



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