Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

May 2007




Minutes of Treasure Coast Archeological society Meeting  May 2, 2007.


The May meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by our club President,  Jim Stewart. Richard Hart, Jr. opened the meeting by leading the club in the Pledge of

Allegiance. The minutes were read and accepted There were 26 members and two visitors present. Mary McGee signed up a new member. His name is Mark Holshoe.


Mary McGee talked about the Mel Fisher Summer Treasure Camp that will be held on June 14 and June 22. Time: They are asking for volunteers to

work with the children. 


Mary said that she sent thank you cards to Larry Cohen and Tim Whitmarsh for the program they presented in April about the White's metal detectors. 


Mary also advised us that reservations have been made at Hobart Kiwanis Park in Fellsmere for the Benefit hunt in 2008. 


 If you have silver you want to sell, the club will buy it at the going rate of 9 or 10 times face value.


 Neil Normando read a paper he got off the internet about Cambodia's poor scavenging for unexploded ordinance. They sell the scrap metal. If

 lucky, they can collect 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of scrap metal a day. He got the information from


Jim Stewart took a survey as to how many people want to buy a club shirt. Mary McGee suggested buying "V"-neck shirts for the women. A show of

hands showed that all the women would like the "V"-neck style. Jim Stewart will look into pricing.


Jim Stewart wants to have a road trip to Daytona Beach for a club hunt. During break, those that were interested signed up for the date they would

be most interested in. May 19 is the date decided upon. Those interested in going will carpool to Daytona Beach.


Mitch King gave an interesting presentation of his many finds from his trip to England. 

He gave the following web sites for those interested in going to England for metal detecting:


50/50 Winner: $28.00 pot Linda Crozier $14.00

Name Badge: Frank Rothery

Finds Categories......

Rings: Jim Stewart*, Richard Hart, Sr.

Jewelry: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Neil Normando, Joan Hart, Richard, Hart, Jr.

Coin Single: Jim Stewart*, Skip Watson, Joan Hart

Coin Group: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Skip Watson, Joan Hart, Marty Hufnagel

Artifacts: None

Fossils: None

Miscellaneous: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Jim Stewart, Skip Watson, Joan Hart, Marty Hufnagel

Find of the Month: Richard Hart, Sr.

(* denotes category winner)


Point Standing as of May 2007

Terry Shannon 84

Richard Hart, Sr. 55 

Marty Hufnagel 32

Skip Watson 28

Jim Stewart 12

Neil Normando 10

Joan Hart 4 

Larry Blair 3 

Duane Crozier 1 

Will Rose 1

Richard Hart, Jr. 1 

Gordon Tremble 1

Mike Martin 1


Mary McGee will make the coffee for the April meeting. Marty Hufnagel  will bring doughnuts, Linda and Duane Crozier will bring drinks.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,  Donna Rothery




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