Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

May 2009


Minutes of

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting

May 6, 2009



The next meeting is on Wednesday, June 3, 2009 .


Marty Hufnagel will bring doughnuts to the meeting.  The Mike Martin’s will bring the drinks.


The May meeting was called to order at 7:45 p.m. by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Frank Hansen.


The minutes were read and approved.  It was decided to stop reading the Minutes at the meetings because they can be read online at the club web site.  They are also emailed to the members with email addresses on file.  There will be copies at the meeting for those that don’t have a computer and would like to have a copy of the minutes.


Mary McGee gave the Treasurer’s report.  She said we have $6,229.60 in checking.  She plans to spend #3,000.00 to buy silver.


There were 33 members and 5 visitors present.


New members:


Hodges, Steve & Linda                       McCallum, Chuck & Gerri

2060 6th Avenue                                    960 18th Street

Vero Beach , FL   32960                          Vero Beach , FL   32960

772-794-3200 work                                772-778-3347 home

772-532-5113 cell         


Our next club hunt will be on Saturday, May 10 at Golden Sands Beach .  The cost of the hunt is $5.00.  Participants are also asked to bring a covered dish to share.


There was a show of hands of those that plan to attend.  It was decided to have the hunt at 5:00 p.m. so that more people will attend.


Mitch said the “club token” has been hidden within the city limits of  Sebastian.  A metal detector will be given to the person that finds the token.


Certificates were given to Mark Holshoe for his Find of the Month’s of March and April.


Ken Thomford finally received his certificate for the February Find of the Month.


Mitch King will be selling club T-shirts for $13.00.  Jim Stewart will not be able to attend meetings because of job obligations.


Everyone was reminded to support Amy with news for the T.C.A.S. MONTHLY.  It will be put on the internet as soon as she can get a pdf file set up.  There is an article in the newsletter that tells about the quarter penny that is being found at the beach.  The person that finds the most quarter pennies by the December meeting will win a small all-purpose tool. 




TCAS Meeting  05-07-2008                                                                                                 Page 2


Richard said that we need to start thinking of where we’re going to have the Christmas party this year.  He also suggested that we think about having the party at a different location.  Mary will check around and make reservations.


Richard also made the announcement that after three consecutive visits, a visitor must decide either to join or cease attending.


The Club decided to make two separate charity donations.  One will be to the Police Athletic League ( PAL ) through the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (IRCSO) and the second to the Police Athletic League ( PAL ) through the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO).  They will receive $200.00 each.


Mitch gave some clues for the TOKEN  hunt.  They are:


1)             It is in the city limits of Sebastian.


2)             It is in a city park.


3)             It is not in a school yard, and


4)             It is not in water.


A Tesoro Silver Sabre detector will be given as a prize to the person that finds the token.


Mitch gave a synopsis about the Great Southern Beach Shootout hunt he attended in Daytona Beach .


A Garrett Ace 250 metal detector will be raffled beginning in June.  The raffle will end with the December meeting.  This raffle will be referred to as the Molasses Raffle.

TCAS Meeting 05-07-2008                                                                                  Page 3


50/50 winner:   Will Rose                  $34.00 pot             


Badge:   Richard Hart, Sr.

Hat:        Charlotte Wissman

T-Shirt:   Dabney Small


Find of the Month:               Joni Hart                ring


Skip Watson won a silver dime for honesty.  He found a very nice ring in March but was unable to attend the April meeting; so he displayed it at the May meeting.


The meeting adjourned at.9:00 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Donna Rothery


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