These Are Pictures From Our 

2nd Annual Multi-Park Hunt.

 Melbourne, Fl. November 10, 2007. 


The hunt started around 10:00 AM. We had four parks picked out and seeded.

Each park had around the same number of items. We put out everything from Silver coins to toy cars.

When the hunters returned they had found alot of items that where planted and more important a lot of items not put out. Hunters found a tremendous amount of change and some new jewelry items. Everyone worked very hard to see there was nothing left behind. 

We had a good meal. I think a few of us may have over done this part. Jim our President may have some explaining to do when he gets home. Thanks to all who brought food. The covered dishes where great. As far as Manning the grill or should I say Womanning the grill Linda and Joan did a really good Job after getting Richard out of there way. 

We also had one more surprise. Mitch King And Richard Hart through many Months of hunting and figuring out clues. Located the token from our Mystery Token Hunt. Richard removed it and put it out in The Multi Park Hunt.

The winner of the Token was Joan. She found it in Jimmy More park on Sarno Road in Melbourne. That's a long way from it's original hiding place outside of Dale Wimbrow Park in Sebastian. Well it says Mystery Hunt on it. I think it was a mystery to some how it got there.


After everyone had returned. The winning prizes where awarded.

1ST Place was won by Will. An Garrett ACE 250

2ND place was Neil. A Silver Round

3RD was Richard JR. A 1 Year Membership To TCAS.

Frank Rothery Donated 16 Prizes Each won with a Numbered token.

Thanks Frank. Great Prizes.


Thanks for attending. We hope everyone had a really good time.



Pictures coming soon







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