Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

Ocotober 2011


Minutes of the

Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting

October 5, 2011


The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

The meeting was called to order at 7:43 P.M. by Richard Hart, Sr., President of TCAS.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Kira Thesenvitz.

The minutes can be read on the club website, They are also emailed to members with email addresses on file on the last Wednesday of the month.

General Notes:

32 Members present and 3 guest present, of which two guests joined the TCAS. Welcome Frido Urdaneta and family and Phil Hillrich.

TCAS Christmas Party will be on December 11th at Marsh Landings in Fellsmere. In a show of hands to see how many members would attend, 21 members raised their hands.

Frank Hansen of Vero Beach was recognized in the Indian River Press Journal on August 30, 2011 for inspiring school kids to look at science in new ways, which opens their minds to new possibilities. Yes, Frank is a school teacher. Way to go Frank!

Richard Hart, TCAS President, took up a challenge that he could hunt Wickham Park in Melbourne. As he was detecting, he was asked to stop and leave. Not one to accept a "you cannot metal detect here" for a reason and after getting the man's name who asked him to leave, he started making phone calls and sending emails.

The short version of the story is Ordinance 78 which deals with excavation that is stopping us! The bottom line is simple: we are welcome at Brevard County Parks! As such we MUST be respectful of the parks and any area we hunt. Please do not leave holes, pick up trash that is found and dispose of it in trash cans. Better yet, bring the trash home and then dispose of it.

Richard is awaiting a written letter confirming this and when he receives it I will try to attach it to this month's minutes.

With that, Richard asked Skip Watson to talk about the Multi Park Hunt this October 8th. (The hunt was rained out and rescheduled for the following Saturday, October 15th). The cost is $5.00 per hunter and a covered dish. The starting point is Wickham Park in Melbourne at 9:30 AM, where a map of the other parks will be handed out. We will have about two hours to hunt (yes the parks are close together) and we will eat about 12:30 PM. After lunch the prizes will be given away. Bring all your found trash as it will count for a prize.

One word of caution for this hunt: your detector must be in ALL METAL Mode or you will find very little!

Do to the fact that we will have the Parks and Recreation Department eyes on us, Richard Hart wants us to bring all out trash out of the park with us. Although we are welcome to hunt at Wickham Park, one person is concerned about all the trash we will being into Wickham Park! So we will leave nothing there and show the officials that we do not trash places where we hunt.

Richard Hart explained the Molasses Raffle and added to the Chest. Tickets were $7.00 for five. November tickets will be $8.00 for five and in December, $9.00 for five tickets. The drawing will be held at our December meeting (December 7th) and you MUST be there to win!

The chest now contains (at least this is what we are told it contains):

-- A metal detector

-- Garrett head phones

-- Sand scoop and Garret Pouch with prove and digging tool

The winner will have everything one needs to go metal detecting.

If you have an idea for someone to come to our meeting and give a presentation, please let Richard Hart or any board member know. We are always looking for someone give us a presentation.

Mary McGee, TCAS Treasure informed us that Sebastian is having the Sebastian Claim Bake November 4th, 5th and 6th at Sebastian's Riverview Park. Checkout the website: for more details.


Find Winners:

Ring: Mark Holshoe 

Group Coins: Mark Holshoe

Jewelry: Mark Holshoe 

Artifacts: Ryan Rathbun

Single Coin: Mark Holshoe 

Fossils: Mark Holshoe


Find of the Month: Mark Holshoe

Drawing Winners:

50/50: $62/31 Russ Pacowski 

Badge: Frido Urdaneta

T-Shirt: Marty Hufnagel 

Hat: Ryan Rathbun

Extra Dime Winners: Russ Pacowski and Marty Hufnagel



Coffee will be brought by: Kira Thesenvitz

Doughnuts will be brought by: Marty Hufnagel

Cooler with drinks will be brought by the 50/50 winner: Russ Pacowski

The meeting adjourned at: 9:10 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,


Dale T. Thesenvitz

TCAS Secretary



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