Treasure Coast Archaeological Society
Sebastian, Florida  Indian River County

 TCAS Monthly Meeting Notes

September 2007


Minutes of
Treasure Coast Archeological Society Meeting
September 05, 2007
The August meeting was called o order at 7:45 p.m. by Jim Stewart, President of TCAS.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Richard Hart, Jr. and Madison Adams, 6 year old daughter of John Adams.
The minutes were read and accepted.
Mary McGee, the Treasurer said that we have $3,199.27 in the bank.  Mary reminded Jim Stewart that we have not chosen a charity to donate some of the profits from the Annual Hunt.  She also reminded everybody that she is buying silver at the going rate for the hunt in March.
Mary said that TCAS has donated $25.00 to the North Indian River County Library fund for a magazine subscription of their choice.
New T shirts with the club logo will be ordered shortly.
There were 23 members and 6 visitors present.
Madison Adams, Carolyn Yannotta, John Adams, Belle Barkor, Bob and Judy Burgarella
The Multi-Park Club Hunt in Melbourne was discussed and explained to those members that didnít know what a multi-park hunt was.
The membership was asked to consider running for an officer position for the coming year.
Election of officers for 2008 will be held at the November meeting.
We had a very interesting speaker.  His name is Doug Pope.  He is an investor in the Polly L treasure ship.  Where land ends and adventure begins.  Mr. Pope said to go to the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum to see the artifacts and the cleaning process of the Amelia Island project.  It is in the back and if they know you are serious will take you to the lab. The treasure ship legs are 60 feet tall.  The pads are 6í x 10í.  It can travel at 60 miles per hour.  The motors cost $25,000.00 each.
.More can be learned by going to:  Amelia
Larry Blair told a story about a cemetery hunt.  He said he kept hearing voices and knew he was he only live person there.
Jim Stewart told about a hunt he did in SC.  He also gave another clue for the token hunt. 
The Christmas party was discussed.  Jim asked Mary to make reservations at Marsh Landing in Fellsmere for a Friday or Saturday evening, whichever is available.  She will advise the Club of the reservations at the October meeting.
50/50 Winner:  $34.00 pot Joan Hart $17.00
Badge:  Skip Watson
T-Shirt:  Joan Hart
Hat:  Richard Hart, Jr.
August winners:
Rings:  Ralph Small*, Richard Hart, Sr., Joan Hart, Duane Crozier, Mark Holshoe
Jewelry: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Marty Hufnagel, Joan Hart, Ralph Small, Tamy Small
  Mark Holshoe, Skip Watson
Coin Single: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Marty Hufnagel, Joan Hart
Coin Group: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Marty Hufnagel, Joan Hart, Ralph Small, Tamy Small
  Skip Watson, Mark Holshoe
Miscellaneous: Richard Hart, Sr.*, Marty Hufnagel, Neil Normando, Ralph Small, Joan Hart,
  Skip Watson, Mark Holshoe
Fossils:  Richard Hart, Jr.
Artifacts: Pat Kornegay
Find of the Month: Joan and Richard Hart, Sr. (tied)
September Point Standings:

Larry Blair    3  Neil Normando  11
Duane Crozier    2  Will Rose    1
Danny Hart    8  Frank Rothery  13
Joan Hart  41  Terry Shannon  84
Richard Hart, Jr.    9  Ralph Small  22
Richard Hart, Sr.  153  Tamy Small    2
Mark Holshoe  21  Jim Stewart  12
Marty Hufnagel  52  Ken Thomford    3
Mike Martin    1  G. Tremble    1
     Skip Watson  48
Respectfully submitted,
Donna Rothery


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